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Bike Ride 10 March 2013

Kedron Brook:  Grange to Arana Hills Return

Date: Sunday March 10
Time: 9.00 am to 11.00 am
Meeting time: 8.45 am  Rig up time for 9 am departure
Meeting place: Carpark for the library on the corner of Evelyn St and Lanham Street, Grange


Cross Sellheim St and cycle through Lanham Park to  Kedron Brook bikepath. Turn left and head upstream following the path all the way to Royal Pde in Alderley. Go along Royal Pde to where bikepath commences along the brook again. Follow path through Grinstead Park, past Everton Park High School fields, under Southpine Rd, and then alongside cow paddocks through to Teralba Park. At the end of this park, cross Osborne Rd and continue on bikepath through Boundary Park and into Lansvale St. Turn right into St Helen’s Rd and follow this until it turns right. At this point turn left into a park to follow bikepath. Then enter Chessom St and follow it turning right into Cribb Ave at the end. From Cribb Ave turn left into Woking St and then right into Concorde St. This leads to another park where you follow the bikepath upstream , crossing a bridge to enter Leslie Patrick Park and cross Dawson Pde into Patricks Rd. Fifty metres up Patricks Rd, cross road to enter Arana Hills Plaza and head to Zaraffa’s Coffee shop at the front of this for coffee. Return route is simply the reverse of the above.

Time:   About 2 hours including coffee stop

Distance:   Approx 20 km  

Terrain: Flat almost all of the way. About 80% is on biketracks.


Lanham Park, Grange - meeting place at Grange Library

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