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Bike Ride Nov 11 2012

Kedron Brook Bikeway

Date:    Sunday November 11 2012
Time:    9.00 am to 12 noon
Meeting time:    8.45 am
Meeting place:    Lanham Park, Grange

Parking is available in the car park of the Grange Library, entry via Evelyn Street. There is also parking at the Bowls Club and Kindergarten via Sellheim Street. There are no toilets at Lanham park.


We will travel along the Kedron Brook Bikeway which is flat. There are toilets along the way, and toilets at Nudgee Road. There are 3 road crossings which are easy to negotiate. It is approximately 17 kms from Lanham Park to Nudgee Beach, where we will stop for coffee and then spend a moment at the beach. High tide is at 8.00 am.


Lanham Park, Grange - meeting place at Grange Library
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Kedron Brook Bikeway - Lanham Park to Nudgee Beach
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 Contact Alan alan@parkinsonspedallers or 0404 013 599 for more details.