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Bike Ride Dec 9 2012

Boondall to Woody Point

Date:    Sunday December 9 2012
Time:    9.00 am to 12 noon
Meeting time:    8.45 am
Meeting place:   Boondall Railway Station 

The starting place is a bit tricky if you are not familiar with the area. It's at the Boondall Railway Station car park which you get to by taking the second roundabout (from the Gateway) and turning right into the Entertainment Centre - then turn left back towards the railway and you will come across the expansive car park, which on a Sunday morning is pretty empty.

It won't be possible to come by train, as the track is closed for a couple of weeks starting 8 December.

If anyone wants any help at all getting there or would like to put their bike on my rack and come with me in my car or even borrow my bike (Dianne is still away) just give me a ring on 3822 1437 or contact me via email:


We will travel along Flinders Parade to Brighton, then across the Houghton Highway to Woody Point. There are toilets along the way.   It is approximately 15 kms from Boondall Railway Station to Woody Point, where we will stop for coffee. Low tide is at 12.51 pm.


Boondall to Woody Point
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