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Harold's Story

posted Mar 23, 2016, 1:20 AM by Dianne James
Parkinson's Pedallers asked each of their riders who has Parkinson's to write a story about themselves.  Here is Harold's Story.....

Hi I am Harold,I have been riding a bike off and on most of my life,that is best part of 74 years.

In that time I have had a few falls and broken bones;but I am back on t \he bike as soon as I am able.

Some of the rides I have been on are strenuous, but very enjoyable.

My wife Helen and I have done rides in Far North Queensland, South Queensland, Scotland, New Zealand, Greece and France.

I worked as a carpenter in England. I went to work on a bike with my tools, now I drive a 1 ton ute I can carry my tools in.

To me the bike is a lot easer than walking', as I have a stainless steel right hip and will be having a Lumbar Laminectomy done in a weeks time.

We have canoes, and we like to get out on the water.

I also spend a lot of time in my shed doing timber and glass work .

If I take my pills at the right time and look after my self', I hope to be riding for a few years yet

Thanks Harold for sharing your story.