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John's Story

posted Mar 31, 2016, 4:32 AM by Dianne James
We have asked our Parkinson's Pedallers to tell us about themselves.  Here is John's story.

My name is John Quinn and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD) in 2007 although had symptoms of the same for a number of years previous.

I was working as a mental health nurse. I had a long and interesting career in hospital, community, forensics and admin until I took a retirement 'package' in 2011.

This was a year after I had deep brain stimulation surgery in 2010.

Since than I had done a fair amount of travel with my wife to Russia, Japan, Europe and last year to Africa,
where we caught up with our daughter who is teaching in Nairobi.

Early this year we did a road trip around Victoria after visiting our son in Melbourne.

I am 61 and cycled on and off since my teens. I took it on big time again - after reading an article by Alan James in the Parkinson's Qld Inc Magazine Connections about the Parkinson's Pedallers and the monthly rides.

Since that time I ride virtually every day averaging about 15 or 20 klms.

Beside the monthly PP ride, my brother Mark usually does a weekend ride with me.

More recently I am trying to walk three times a week around a local park for an hour which hasn't been easy!

Riding my bike is one time of the day I usually forget I have PD.

Besides keeping fit and relatively healthy - I've really enjoyed cycling regularly for the fresh air and scenery around Brisbane....